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The X Range™ is a flexible desktop solution providing high-capacity desktop sorting in return for a low cost of ownership.

With quick and easy installation and simple operator processes, the X Range is ideally suited to commercial banks, bank branches, cash centres and small central banks where maximising operating efficiencies and maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and security are vital.

The range includes six configurations, giving you the flexibility to scale your operations as the demands on your currency processing change and multiply. The X Range integrates with ACDP to truly optimise your efficiency, and ECM™ our market-leading cash supply chain platform.

Key Benefits


Processes up to 66,000 banknotes per hour with a large feeder capacity of up to 2,000 banknotes. Has the largest output pockets in its class, each holding up to 500 banknotes, easily accessible to enable quick removal of banknotes, improving productivity levels.


Adapts to your needs with the light weight and quick set up you need to easily locate or relocate on site. Output pocket volumes range from 3 – 9 pockets of either 200 or 500 banknote capacity. Multiple configurations enable you to tailor the set up to meet your processing requirement for each machine.


Robustly designed for quality, durability and reliability with high specification components and a focus on efficient fitness sorting and authentication.


Keeps cost of ownership low with a high-quality build for long term reliability and simple, quick servicing to reduce downtime. The small size of the machine and simple plug and play set up enables efficient installation and training.


Sophisticated data outputs, the ability to interface with both CPS and customer Vault Management Systems and smart integrated monitoring enable analysis and reporting of data for continual business improvement.

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