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The XM Range™ is part of the successful Desktop Range of CPS Sorters.

The XM Range™ can process up to 60,000 banknotes an hour in a variety of configurations, giving you the flexibility to scale operations to meet your increasingly demanding needs. It can process up to 6 currencies simultaneously and is the only Desktop System currently available that has full Dynamic Pocket Allocation, enabling businesses to really optimise (operational) efficiency. As well as handling banknotes, our XM Range™ Edge solution enables casinos to process TITOs efficiently and securely, integrating with casino management systems, ensuring regulatory compliance. XM Range™ also supports optional Optical Character Recognition (OCR), enabling it to read serial numbers and other typed or printed text on banknotes or cheques.

Key Benefits


Processes up to 60,000 banknotes per hour with a large feeder capacity of up to 1,000 notes. The only Desktop Sorter that offers full dynamic pocket allocation, enabling businesses to really optimise (operational) efficiency. Can process up to 6 different currencies simultaneously, increasing operator efficiency.


Expands and adapts to your needs with the small footprint and quick set up you need to easily locate or relocate on site. Our XM Range Edge solution can process TITO tickets efficiently and securely, integrating with casino management systems, ensuring regulatory compliance. The comprehensive peripheral options available really enhance functionality.


Robustly designed for quality, durability and reliability with high specification components and a focus on efficient fitness sorting and authentication.


Keeps cost of ownership low with a high-quality build for long term reliability and simple, quick servicing to reduce downtime.


Sophisticated data outputs and smart integrated monitoring enable analysis and reporting of data for continual business improvement.

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