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Adopting a flexible business model allows you to allocate resources when and where it matters. Flexibility, reliability and efficiency together with minimal capital investment and maximum productivity are essential in achieving this model.

The X2300 is a compact desktop solution suited to, bank branches, cash centres, casinos, commercial banks, currency exchange offices and retailers. It maximises operating efficiency and maintains the highest levels of accuracy and security. This product also complements our extensive wider portfolio of products with low set up and operational cost.

Truly flexible, accurate and reliable. The X2300 is a compact desktop solution that is very easy to use and offers a high level of versatility to suit our customer requirements. This sorter delivers high-grade authentication and denomination verification along with multi-currency processing. It can be easily configured with six different counting and sorting modes at the touch of a button. The X2300 has unrivalled dust protection capability, ensuring a clean and safe environment for users, their colleagues, and customers.

The X2300 is part of a wider desktop portfolio, for more information on the X Range™ / XM Range™ products please click here to view X Range™ or click here to view the XM Range™.

Key Benefits


A large 500 banknote capacity feeder and large output pocket with a capacity of 300 banknotes enable operators to process high volumes of banknotes efficiently. Quick and easy access for jam clearance ensure the machine downtime is minimalised.


Adapts to your needs with the light weight and quick set up you need to easily locate or relocate on site. Peripheral options available further enhance functionality.


Robustly designed for quality, durability and reliability with high specification components and a focus on efficient fitness sorting and authentication. A Perspex dust cover (optional) ensures any dust or debris on banknotes is contained within the machine, keeping the operating environment clean.


Keeps cost of ownership low with a high-quality build that ensures reliability and simple, quick servicing that reduces downtime. The small size of the machine and simple plug and play set up enables efficient installation and training.


Sophisticated data outputs, the ability to interface with both CPS and customer Vault Management Systems and smart integrated monitoring enable analysis and reporting of data for continual business improvement.

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The X2300 is part of a wider product portfolio, for more information on the full X Range™ of products please click here

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