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The V Series™ is the next generation compact sorter.

Leading the way in efficient and intelligent cash management, the high-speed capabilities of the V Series have never-before been seen on a mid-sized sorter.

Offering an alternative to high-speed sorters without compromising on processing, the V Series is the fastest compact sorter available. The sophisticated data outputs available on the V Series provide intelligence to drive process and performance improvements in your business.

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Key Benefits

Future Proofed Design

  • Flexible configuration, which can be expanded and changed during the life of the machine, this includes both outputs and detectors
  • Truly modular, from 4 to 20 output pockets (inc Reject)
  • Life expectancy of V Series in excess of 10 years – similar to High Speed machines
  • Modular design enables all upgrades to be completed in the field simply with minimal impact on day to day operations
  • Adjustable speed settings for handling poor quality notes

Fitness Sorting and Authentication

  • Sophisticated Contact Image Sensors of the V Series deliver accurate and consistent fitness sorting that meets global standards
  • Authentication includes Visible and IR Image, UV, Fluo and Magnetics 
  • Short edge feed ensures the most consistent results, minimising skew issues common to long edge feed

Ultimate Performance

  • Offers comparable processing speeds to many larger high speed alternatives – 72,000 banknotes/hour – making it the fastest and most productive compact sorter on the market 
  • Large feeder (2,000 banknotes) to ensure continuous processing
  • Paper and polymer including mixed substrate
  • Dynamic and automatic pocket allocation optimises throughput for the mix of banknotes being processed

Designed for Productivity

  • Designed and built from the ground up, benefiting from the latest thinking and technologies 
  • Re-thought functionality, focusing on efficiency and simplicity for both operation and service 
  • Provides confidence through new detection technology for fitness and authentication

Total Cost of Ownership

  • Significantly lower cost of ownership in comparison to other High Speed machines 
  • Simple and fast to service to reduce downtime
  • High quality build with quality components for durability and reliability 
  • Design review included CPS Service Engineers to ensure the V Series is designed for reliability and for service 
  • Easy transport access for service enables easy jam clearance and maintenance

The Data

  • The Data outputs from the V series are uniquely sophisticated for a machine of this size 
  • The V series data outputs provide granular data on both the condition and authenticity of the banknotes processed as well as the operational performance of the machine including productivity, reject levels and fitness levels Integrated performance 
  • Dashboards are supplied with the machine as standard 
  • No on-board PC ensures ultra rapid boot up and optimum security against hacking and viruses

Integration with ECM and ACDP

  • Interfaces, as standard, with CPS Vault Management System, ECM™ ISA and BI for actionable information and insight 
  • The V Series provides the ability to utilise CPS’s patented productivity enhancement system called Automated Commercial Deposit Processing (ACDP)

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