Compact High-Speed Sorter



The world’s first compact high speed sorter.

Processing cash efficiently and cost effectively requires a flexible solution. Our V Series™ is a next generation compact high-speed sorter with multiple options and capabilities configurable to your specific requirements. It maximises productivity and minimises total cost of ownership, whether you want to step up from desktop sorters with better performance and lifetime value or unlock the performance of high-speed sorters at a lower cost.

The compact high-speed V Series™ provides organisations such as banks and cash centres with a robust long-life solution, high speed productivity and built-in flexibility. It’s the ideal choice for those customers looking to process up to 72,000 banknotes an hour using equipment that can last up to ten years and evolve with individual needs. Offering higher throughput and longer lifespan than mid-speed sorters, V Series™ makes a sound investment with a lower total cost of ownership. It’s also a credible alternative to a full high speed solution for organisations that require high speed performance but lack the space, volume of processing or future certainty to invest high levels of capital expenditure.

Key Benefits


Processes up to 72,000 banknotes per hour with a large feeder capacity of up to 2,000 notes and dynamic pocket allocation.


Expands and adapts to your needs with a modular design that allows easy adding or swapping of modules and simple upgrades.


Intelligently designed for quality, durability and reliability with high specification components and a focus on efficient fitness sorting and authentication.


Keeps cost of ownership low with long lifespan, high quality build for everyday reliability and simple, quick servicing to reduce downtime.


Sophisticated data outputs and smart integrated monitoring, analysis and reporting of data via our Production Tool provide the intelligence you need to drive process and performance improvements in your business.

V Series™ Core

Faster performance, better lifetime value

With up to 40% greater throughput and twice the lifespan of most desktop sorters, V Series™ Core is a high performance cash management solution that offers true cost effectiveness over its lifetime. Easy to install and ready to evolve, its speed and flexibility gives customers the capabilities required to boost productivity while reducing total cost of ownership. Over a ten year period, V Series™ Core is a faster, more reliable and less costly alternative to desktop sorters.

Adapts to your needs

Flexibility is vital in today’s world. As cash processing demands change and technology evolves, being able to scale operations up or down and take advantage of new opportunities helps organisations stay productive and cost effective. With V Series™, adding or removing modules and swapping types of modules between machines is quick and easy. Upgrading can be handled in-field, saving time and cost.

Optimises productivity

Designed compact and modular, V Series™ Core is ideal for rapid cash processing where space is limited. It has a standard throughput of 1,200 banknotes per minute or 72,000 notes per hour with a large feeder capacity of 2,000 notes and continuous feeding for efficiency. With up to twenty manual output pockets in dual pocket modules, cash can be segregated easily by denomination, orientation, series, size or condition. Dynamic pocket allocation automatically allocates pockets, optimising pocket usage and throughput. With no on-board PC, V Series™ Core installs, boots up and runs rapidly, minimising downtime.

Connects, collates and controls

V Series™ Core interfaces with the ECM™ ISA cash supply chain platform and ECM™ BI, amassing significant amounts of data for actionable information and insight. Sophisticated detectors output data individually and record results in detail for enhanced sorting decisions. With ACDP integration, V Series™ Core optimises processing capacity, efficiency and cost by handling banknotes only once. Header and trailer cards separate deposits from multiple clients to enable continuous feeding into the sorter.  

The V Series Production Tool, supplied as standard, enables organisations to optimise performance. It links up with V Series via encrypted Ethernet or Wi-Fi and provides a live view of processing on connected machines, as well as live sorting analysis. Count data can be stored for long periods, reports generated automatically or on demand and data exported for use by Down-Stream Systems. With the Production Tool, you always know how your cash processing is performing and where you need to fine tune for optimum operational efficiency.

V Series™ Prime

True high speed performance at lower cost

Providing the speed and automation of high speed sorters without the size, upfront costs or maintenance charges, V Series™ Prime is a game-changer in cash processing. It steps up from V Series™ Core with the addition of strapper pockets and enhanced capabilities, giving customers a solution that pairs true high performance with low total cost of ownership. By automating manual processes, V Series™ Prime saves time, effort and cost with market-leading features found only on more expensive, high speed machines.

Automates strapping

V Series™ Prime boosts the efficient sorting capabilities of V Series™ Core by automating the strapping process. Dual strapper modules capable of strapping and stacking 1200 notes per minute in twelve 100 note batches free up staff from manual strapping so they can focus on more productive tasks. Automated strapping also means operators don’t need to slow the machine down to keep up, maximising productivity. Each V Series Prime machine can support up to 16 strapping output pockets, a full range of banknote sizes and media including paper, polymer and mixed substrate. Band roll and printer ink can be replaced and pocket jams cleared without stopping the machine, further enhancing productivity. 

Expands your capabilities

V Series™ Prime gives customers the freedom to update the specification of each machine to their own individual needs. Additional modules can be used for extra manual and strapper pockets or to expand detection capabilities for accurate and consistent fitness sorting that meets global standards with advanced authentication including Visible and IR Image, Ultra Violet, Fluorescence and Magnetics. These capabilities make V Series™ Prime one of the most versatile and secure cash processing solutions available – and all in a compact size.   

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