CPS Virtual Product Demonstrations will be run and managed by our team at the South African CPS Training Centre in Johannesburg. They will be produced by a professional production company and will be a combination of live streaming and pre-recorded product videos. 

Every demonstration is uniquely set up based on the your specific interests and requirements. After introduction demonstration videos have been played, the camera will pan over to the actual banknote sorter or software solution behind the presenter. An experienced product engineer will then run any specific scenarios that have been requested or answer any technical queries. The presenter will then open up for a question and answer session and if any further demonstration examples are required.

These sessions are designed to be interactive live demonstrations to facilitate addressing all the necessary information and concerns you have, just as you would do during an in person demonstration.

Should a complex request be made, like certain functionalities for our High Speed machines, where we may not be in a position to physically demonstrate them, we can include more detailed product videos and specialist technical staff to provide perspective and address technical questions.

All CPS products and solutions including ECM Software can demonstrated via the team in South Africa. They are excited to discuss your requirements, and look forward to having the opportunity to demonstrate the full suite of CPS products.

Request a Demo

If you would like to request a demo for our XM Range™, get in touch and one of our team will get back to you.