The 7000i™ is the latest high-speed sorter available from CPS. With a number of new features, the 7000i™ is an intelligent, intuitive and innovative solution providing secure, efficient and cost-effective high-speed, high-volume banknote processing.

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7000i QC

7000i™ QC

7000i™ QC is a unique concept which enables central banks to sort used banknotes and quality control (QC) new banknotes prior to issue, on one high-speed sorting machine. The machine operator can switch between the two options with ease.

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x range

V Series™

The V Series™ is the next generation compact sorter. Leading the way in efficient and intelligent cash management, the high-speed capabilities of the V Series have never-before been seen on a mid-sized sorter.

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X Range™

The X Range™ is a flexible desktop solution providing high-capacity desktop sorting in return for a low cost of ownership. A scablable and flexible solution, the X Range maximises operating efficiencies.

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Through its advanced detector technology, proven banknote handling capability and open architecture, the Cobra® sorter provides high levels of detection accuracy, operational security and productivity, day-in, day-out.

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Efficient Processing

Integrating efficient processing methodologies such as ACDP and QDP™ revolutionises your processing capacity enabling you to meet your customers’ current and future processing needs more quickly, easily and economically.

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