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Whether you are looking to upgrade existing equipment, expand your capacity, increase efficiency, integrate software, automate processes or build a brand-new cash centre from the ground up, our team will work with you every step of the way.

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Data Solutions

We develop our solutions with data in mind. We believe your data belongs to you, and the open architecture of our hardware and software solutions gives you direct access to your data, without having to come through us.

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Software Solutions

ECM™ is the market-leading integrated cash supply chain platform, enabling the strict application of internal processes and providing security, control and visibility of new and used note inventory.

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The latest sorter from CPS, the 7000i™ is an intelligent, intuitive and innovative solution providing secure, efficient and cost-effective high-speed, high-volume banknote processing. 

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7000i QC

7000i™ QC

7000i™ QC is a unique concept which enables central banks to sort used banknotes and quality control (QC) new banknotes prior to issue, on one high-speed sorting machine.

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X Range

X Range™

The X Range™ is a flexible desktop solution providing high-capacity desktop sorting in return for a low cost of ownership. A scablable and flexible solution, the X Range maximises operating efficiencies.

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Efficient Processing 

ACDP enables the processing of multiple customer deposits continuously in one pass. This is complemented by QDP™ which increases productivity by speeding up the reconciliation process.

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Banknote Packaging

For added efficiency and security, SmartPack provides a fully automated system for the collection, transportation, labelling and shrink-wrapping of packs of up to 1,000 banknotes.

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Banknote Destruction

SmartShred™ provides total security and confidence in secure banknote destruction and includes bespoke end-to-end destruction, air conveying and collection systems.

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Through its advanced detector technology, proven banknote handling capability and open architecture, the Cobra® sorter provides high levels of detection accuracy, operational security and productivity, day-in, day-out.

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Single Note Inspection

Developed by CPS to meet the needs of banknote printing works, the 9000™ single note inspection system will ensure your banknotes meet the defined quality standard. 

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We offer a range of tailored service and support options, designed to optimise machine up-time and performance as well as maximise the longevity of the machines.

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