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Enterprise level cash management for all

With ECM™ Imperium, you’ll enjoy all the operational and management benefits of ECM™ ISA without the cost or strain on your internal resources. This Software-as-a-Service product outsources the hosting and management of your infrastructure to CPS so you don’t need to purchase extra servers, employ more staff or integrate additional security. It’s the smart choice for modern businesses who need an enterprise level cash management solution but wish to leave hosting to the experts. By removing time-consuming management and reporting tasks, ECM™ Imperium also creates space in your schedule to focus on the issues that really matter to your business.

Key Benefits

Lower cost of ownership

Without the need to invest in expensive server hardware or third party software licenses, and with no pressure on internal IT departments to set up and manage infrastructure, companies can save considerable expense. A cash centre may need to purchase additional servers, employ extra staff and invest in extra security, software and infrastructure to manage the system. 

Rapid deployment

Speed of deployment is critical for minimising downtime and optimising productivity of your cash cycle. Our Implementation and Support specialists have years of experience building ECM™ environments and empowered with the latest cloud platform technology, can set up a new installation within hours. 

System flexibility

Whatever equipment you are using, ECM™ Imperium integrates with it. Being manufacturer agnostic, the platform is compatible with a wide array of the most popular and widely used equipment. Having the flexibility to run ECM™ Imperium alongside your existing hardware ensures a smooth and seamless transition to the service. 

Zero failure

Failure of Business Critical systems for Small to Medium Enterprises cost up to $427 per minute (IDC Consulting). ECM Imperium is designed with high availability and disaster recovery, and has contingency at its core. Even during serious incidents such as a hardware fault, ISP disruption, loss of network or full power outage, there is no single point of failure so your system continues to operate.

Information security

Data security is critical for today’s businesses. The average cost of a Data Breach is $3.86Million (Cost of Data Breach Report 2020 – IBM Security) with 40% of that being lost business. ECM™ Imperium has the highest levels of information security with a combination of physical and logical protection methods.

The platform is based on a Virtual Data Centre principle with dedicated resources, environments are not shared with anyone else. Our cloud provider is PCI-DSS compliant and ISO 27001 certified. Your access is via a web browser using a secure encrypted HTTPS connection and where transfer files are required for hardware and software system integration, this is transacted through a Secure FTP portal.

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