Enterprise Cash Management (ECM™) is an integrated suite of software solutions developed by CPS to manage the end-to-end cash cycle. The ECM suite has been designed, and is continuously improved, to provide:

  • Total operational visibility to improve control
  • Best practice processes to increase productivity
  • Configurable rules to provide the flexibility needed for the future

All of this is delivered through a fully audited and highly secure platform, built and deployed using the latest proven technology.

ECM is the most widely used cash cycle management system in the world, used by more than 90 customers across 25 countries and is available in English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian and many more languages including right-to-left languages such as Arabic.

The ECM™ suite

ECM is a modular solution providing you with full flexibility to meet your needs. The ECM suite consists of four products. You can purchase these products individually and can even select which modules within these products you wish to purchase. Or to benefit from full cash supply chain management, you can purchase the full ECM solution.

ecm isa


Inventory Supply and Accounting

Real-time visibility of inventory, including external inventory e.g. branches

Traceability and audit trail of inventory

Full management of deposit and withdrawal process

Integration with high-speed processing

Integration with core banking platforms

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ecm bi


Business Intelligence

Immediate access to business-critical information

Operational performance dashboard

Machine/operator/shift/area/cash centre KPI monitoring

Configurable performance reports

Raw data analysis and exports

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ecm icsp


ISA Cash Services Portal

Customer access to pre-advise deposits

Customer access to place order and withdrawal requests

Customer self-service reports

Send notifications to customers

ecm cop


Common Operating Platform

Integration with third party organisations' data feeds

Single reporting portal

Stock and inventory updates

Visibility of inventory inside and outside your control

Key Benefits

  • Have visibility of new banknote, recycled and custodian inventories; control issuance of new banknotes to the banking sector; and monitor the circulation of recycled notes.
  • Manage cash balancing, inventory control and operational reporting in multiple currencies, denominations and fitness grades.
  • Enable your customers to make currency orders, request deposit pickups and view service usage reports, via the ECM™ ICSP.
  • Integrate with third-party service fulfilment partners, regardless of the system, to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Manage the fulfilment, packing and routing of currency orders.
  • Securely manage and audit the handling of cash inventories in single or multi-site cash centre operations.
  • Facilitate and audit the process of receiving, unpacking, distributing and processing of cash deposits in multiple presentation formats.
  • Manage the banknote lifecycle processes, providing end-to-end security and control throughout.
  • Monitor the fitness standards of recycled banknotes to track adherence to policies

Our Solutions

Data Solutions

Data Solutions

We believe your data belongs to you, and the open architecture of our hardware and software solutions gives you direct access to your data, without having to come through us.

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Sorting Solutions

Sorting Solutions

Our range includes solutions for the smallest operations to large-scale, high-volume cash centres. Open architecture allows seamless integration with networks and cash management systems such as ECM™.

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Efficient Processing

Efficient Processing

ACDP enables the processing of multiple customer deposits continuously in one pass. This is complemented by QDP™ which increases productivity by speeding up the reconciliation process.

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Banknote Packaging

Banknote Packaging

For added efficiency and security, SmartPack™ provides a fully automated system for the collection, transportation, labelling and shrink-wrapping of bundles of up to 1,000 banknotes.

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Banknote Destruction

Banknote Destruction

SmartShred™ provides total security and confidence in secure banknote destruction and includes bespoke end-to-end destruction, air conveying and collection systems.

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If you are looking to upgrade existing equipment, expand capacity, increase efficiency, integrate software or build a brand-new cash centre, our team will work with you every step of the way.

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Single Note Inspection

Single Note Inspection

Developed by CPS to meet the needs of banknote printing works, the 9000™ single note inspection system will ensure your banknotes meet the defined quality standard.

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Service & Support

Service & Support

We offer a range of tailored service and support options, designed to optimise machine up-time and performance as well as maximise the longevity of the machines.

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