We hold four guiding principles at the core of everything we do. Together, these help us deliver our promises to our customers, partners and suppliers.

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We are open and honest and always act with integrity

What this means for our customers

Openness and honesty are the foundation of every successful relationship. We are open and honest in every discussion with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders in order to deliver the very best that CPS can offer.

A personal perspective from Keith Williamson - Marketing and Product Management Director

“Openness, honesty and integrity are the foundation on which any great company is built, they are also an essential ingredient for any customer who is buying complex products and solutions. They are what differentiates great teams from good ones and I believe they must be at the heart of everything we do.”

We work cooperatively and with mutual respect

What this means for our customers

At CPS, our employees work together to deliver world-class solutions to our customers. This is true of all our teams including sales, commercial and service teams as well as in our R&D, engineering and manufacturing teams across the world, who continually innovate to develop the best possible solutions, using the latest technology, for our customers.

A personal perspective from Jamie Cockerell - Managing Director, Software Solutions

"Teamwork involves us all, and at the centre of the energy and enthusiasm that it generates, is its most valued team member: our customer.”

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We help each other to be successful

What this means for our customers

We are successful together, with our colleagues, customers, suppliers and stakeholders. It is not enough to be successful within the scope of our own specific role, we must each understand the part that we play in the company, together with our customers and stakeholders, and actively work to achieve greater success together.

A personal perspective from Dara Beggan - Technical Service Director

“At CPS, we develop long-term partnerships with our customers so that we get to know you inside out, to truly understand your issues, priorities and needs. That way, we can deliver a solution that is designed for you and that truly meets your needs, enabling you to achieve your desired outcomes.”

We embrace diversity

What this means for our customers

Diversity can come in many forms – there are the obvious aspects of race, colour, religion and gender, but also the richness that comes from working with colleagues of a different age, educational background or employment history. We believe that better decisions are made through having a diverse organisation. Better decisions deliver better solutions for our customers.

A personal perspective from Darren Wick - Managing Director, The Americas

“Embracing diversity and the richness which this can bring to our organisation should not be under-estimated. Being a global organisation with employees from all over the world, we already, within the CPS family, embrace different cultures, nationalities, races, colours and genders as well as employ people from different industry sectors, who come with a different approach to similar problems.”