Maximise Operational Productivity and Flexibility with the X2300 Sorting Solution

Adopting a flexible business models allows you to allocate resources when and where it matters. Flexibility, reliability and efficiency together with minimal capital investment and maximum productivity are essential in achieving this model.

Truly flexible and reliable, the X2300 is a small desktop solution that is very easy to use and offers a high level of versatility to suit your requirements.

But what is the X2300, how can it help, and who would benefit from using this solution? We explore the X2300 more here.

What is X2300?

The X2300 is a 1 + 1 desktop sorting solution suited to bank branches, cash centres, casinos, commercials banks, currency exchange offices, and retailers.

It maximises operating efficiency and maintains the highest levels of accuracy and security. The X2300 also supports CPS’ extensive wider portfolio of products, with low set up and operational cost.

Benefits of X2300

  • Marketing leading sensor technology

    Accurate and consistent fitness sorting, that meets global standards. 
    Fitness detection for soiling, ink wear, holes & tears, corner folds, missing corners, tape.
    Authenticity detection including full-width multi-channel magnetics, double-sided ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red (IR), contact image sensors (CIS).

  • Easily removable core

    Quick access for jam clearance.
    Optimal dust cover that tucks neatly away under the chassis.

  • 6 flexible counting modes

    Configurable to meet customer requirements.
    Efficient and accurate counting.

  • 6 sorting modes

    Enabling rapid sorting by denomination, series and orientation.

  • Large capacity feeder

    Processes paper, polymer and mix substrate banknotes.
    Continuous feeding of up to 500 bank notes at a time.

  • Colour touch screen

    Ergonomic design.
    Highly intuitive graphical user interface.

  • Optimal Character Recognition (OCR)

    Serial number identification.
    Supports OCR hotlist.

  • Connectivity 

    LAN / USB / RS232.
    Can be connected to an external accounting display (optional).
    Can be connected to an external printer (optional).

Who would benefit from using X2300?

A user of X2300 would be from any cash handling organisation at either the branch, retail or cash centre level.

The X2300 is ideal to use as a complementary addition to our wider product range from the X Range to the 7000i.

Cash processing solutions from CPS

At CPS, our hardware and software solutions are designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind.

With over 60 years’ experience in providing cash processing solutions around the world, we have the knowledge to provide the bespoke solution you need.

To learn more about our offering, and how we can help your banknote processing needs, speak to one of our experts - we’d be happy to help.