Adopting a flexible business model allows you to allocate resources where it matters most, thus allowing you to sort cash efficiently, whilst still being cost-effective.

A combination of flexibility, agility and reliability, alongside low capital investment and maximum productivity are essential in driving flexible business.

Read on to learn how the X Range™ can help your organisation to become more flexible and efficient.

X Range

What is the X Range™?

The X Range™ is a flexible desktop solution, providing high-capacity desktop sorting in return for a low cost of ownership.

With quick and easy installation, and simple operating processes, the X Range™ is ideally suited to:

- Commercial banks

- Bank branches

- Cash centres

- Small central banks

The X Range™ will maximise operating efficiencies and help establishments where maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and security are vital.

The range includes six configurations, giving you the flexibility to scale your operations as the demands on your currency processing increase.

The X Range™ will integrate with ACDP to significantly optimise your efficiency, and ECM™ our market-leading cash supply chain platform.

What are the benefits of using the X Range™? 

Here are 9 key ways in which the X Range™ can make your cash processing operations more flexible and efficient.

1. Flexible configuration

Six rom 2+1, to 8+1 pockets, providing a cost-effective method that enables scaling of operations up and down within and across locations.

2. Scalable installation

With multiple configurations, the X Range™ allows installation of the same hardware across multiple sites. Scaled and configured, the X Range™ is configured to meet the volumes and type of processing needed at each site.

3. High-speed sorting

Sorting capabilities allow 54,000 notes per hours to be processed. This equates to 900 notes per minute. Optional speeds of 1,100npm and 700npm are available.

4. Large capacity

1,000 banknote capacity continuous feeder, and the largest output pockets in its class – each holding up to 500 banknotes.

5. Open architecture

The X Range™ optimises productivity and efficiency by allowing seamless integrations with networks and cash managements systems, such as ECM™ ISA and Automated Commercial Deposit Processing (ACDP).

6. Optimised productivity

Large, easily accessible pockets enable quick removal of banknotes, thus improving productivity levels.

Quick-to-open- covers reduce any processing interruptions when jams occur.

7. Access to operational data

Four reports are available with instant printing:

- End of batch

- End of shift

- End of day

- Machine report

8. Up to 20 different currency templates

The X Range™ is ideal for locations that process foreign exchange. The intuitive user interface allows for quick change over between currency selections.

9. Low cost of ownership

Low initial capital investment and ongoing ease and efficiency of service. The small size of the machine and simple plug and play set up enables fast installation and efficient training.

Learn more about the benefits of using the X Range™ here.

What’s included in the X Range™ system? 

User interface

- 7” touchscreen

- Intuitive, colourful graphical interface

- Fitness sorting levels are user-configurable

- Can be programmed for single and multiple currency sets

- Integrates seamlessly with cash management systems including ECM™ ISA

- Configurable password access enhances operational security

Feeder and banknote transport

- 2,000 banknotes capacity feeder

- Long-edge banknote feeder

- Continuous feed for optimal productivity

- Friction feeder handles even the poorest quality banknotes easily and quickly

- Standard speed of 1,100npm and throughput of 66,000 banknotes/hour. Optional speeds of 900npm or 750npm

- Quick-to-open covers and access to all parts of the roller transport for easy jam clearance, reducing processing interruptions


- Accurate and consistent fitness sorting that meets global standards

- Fitness detection for soiling, stain/graffiti, ink wear, holes & tears, corner folds, missing corners, tape

- Authenticity detection including full-width multi-channel magnetics, double-sided ultra-violet (UV) and infra-red (IR), contact image sensors (CIS)

- Optional OCR for serial number reading

Output options

- Six pocket configurations from 2+1 to 8+1

- Output pockets with 500 banknotes capacity

- Option of 200 capacity pockets with the X3200 and X4200

- Option to configure additional reject pockets available

Reject pockets

- Up to 500 banknotes capacity

- Easily accessible and neatly stacked banknotes for accurate and efficient deposit reconciliation

Discover more about how the X Range™ can increase efficiency in your banknote processing by downloading our brochure.

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