Efficiently managing the end-to-end cash cycle is a challenge for many organisations

Our Enterprise Cash Management (ECM™) integrated suite of software solutions has been developed to meet this challenge head-on with the operational visibility and seamless processes you need to increase productivity today and the flexibility needed to thrive in the future.

It’s the most widely used cash cycle management system in the world, trusted by over ninety customers in twenty five countries and handling thirty six million transactions per year.

CPS has recently launched a solution called ECM Imperium, which is a SaaS solution based on the ECM ISA platform. ECM Imperium provides Optimal Performance combined with easy management.

In this article, we explain what ECM Imperium is, the benefits, and who would benefit from using this cash management solution.

What is ECM Imperium?

ECM™ ISA takes care of inventory, supply and accounting. Providing real-time visibility combined with full traceability and management, it puts you firmly in control of your inventory with built-in auditing of banknotes within a single cash centre, across multiple cash centres or across an entire nation and configurable reporting so you always know what’s happening and where.

Automated data capture minimises manual errors, making processes more efficient and secure. Access is quick and easy through standard web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox, reducing infrastructure and deployment costs by up to 80% on previous generations of vault management systems.

It’s the cash cycle management system of choice for organisations worldwide, although companies looking for even lower costs of ownership and quicker deployment may wish to consider our ECM™ Imperium solution.

ECM™ Imperium, delivers all the operational and management benefits of ECM™ ISA without the cost or strain on your internal resources.

This Software-as-a-Service product outsources the hosting and management of your infrastructure to CPS so you don’t need to purchase extra servers, employ more staff or integrate additional security.

ECM Imperium provides:

Reduced Cost of Ownership

There’s no need to invest in expensive server hardware or third party software licenses, and there is no pressure on the internal IT department to set up and manage infrastructure, which will save considerable expense.

Rapid Deployment

Speed of deployment is critical for minimising downtime and optimising productivity, CPS Implementation and Support specialists have a wealth of experience building ECM environments, and empowered with the lasted cloud platform technology, can set up a new installation within hours.

Equipment Manufacturer agnostic

Whatever equipment you are using, ECM™ Imperium integrates with it. Being manufacturer agnostic, the platform is compatible with a wide array of the most popular and widely used equipment.

Having the flexibility to run ECM™ Imperium alongside your existing hardware ensures a smooth and seamless transition to the service.

Fully Managed Solution

All ECM Imperium environments are continuously monitored by automatic and human checks to ensure optimal performance.

Security patches and operating system updates are booked seamlessly with no impact on the production environment.

Built in High Availability and Disaster Recovery

The ECM Imperium platform is built with contingency at its core.

There is no single point of failure, whether it be a hardware fault, an ISP disruption, network failure, or even a full power failure, the production system will continue to operate with zero failure.

The Highest Levels of Information Security

A combination of physical and logical protection methods means that your data is safe with ECM Imperium.

The platform is based on a Virtual Data Centre principle, with dedicated resources. ECM Imperium environments are not shared with anyone else. Our cloud provider is PCI-DSS and ISO 27001 certified.

Your access to ECM Imperium is provided via web browser using a source encrypted HTTPS connection. Where transfer files are required for hardware and software systems integration, this is transacted through a Secure FTP portal.

Who would benefit from using ECM Imperium?

A user of ECM Imperium would purchase the software for similar reasons to why they would purchase the ISA Suite as whole - visibility in cash operations, inventory information, and chain of custody.

A user of ECM Imperium will be looking to make efficiency gains by automating the process. They will want to reduce the amount of manual data capture and manual reporting, all of which use up time that can be better spent elsewhere.

With ECM Imperium, you’ll enjoy all the operational and management benefits of ECM ISA without the cost of strain of hosting it.

This software-as-a-service product outsources the hosting and management of your infrastructure to CPS, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing additional servers, employing extra staff on integrate additional security.

ECM Imperium is the smart software choice for businesses looking for an enterprise level cash management solution, but wish to leave hosting to the experts.

Cash management solutions from CPS

ECM Imperium has been designed to simplify the cash cycle management for organisations requiring an enterprise level solution without the hassle of hosting.

With over 60 years’ experience in providing cash management solutions to businesses around the world, we have the expertise to provide the efficient and flexible solution you need.

To learn more about our offering, speak to one of our experts today - we’d be happy to help.