The global cash processing industry, including cash management providers and manufacturers, is making huge steps in reducing its carbon footprint, and securing a sustainable future for cash.

Here at CPS, our team acknowledges that Environmental Sustainability is one of the three core pillars of Corporate Sustainability, of equal importance to Economic Sustainability and Social Sustainability, and commits to operate in a manner that protects the environment and prevents pollution.

That’s why we have carried out an internal environmental self-assessment at CPS, to identify the key areas we can improve. Read on to learn more about how CPS is driving sustainability in cash processing.

What is CPS doing to drive environmental sustainability?

CPS operates our manufacturing site to the environmental standard ISO14001. The CPS Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is further committed to achieving, across the business, the most appropriate standards of environmental management relevant to our business activities and to ensuring that our associate businesses meet all regulatory, legal and other business requirements.

Our manufacturing EMS identifies significant environmental aspects and impacts of our manufacturing, shipping and delivery activities. We will continue to strive to reduce the environmental impact of all our activities using appropriate environmental solutions and modern technologies whilst continuing to support our customers. This will include acknowledging and offsetting the impact of air travel across our business, given that we are a global business and this is the mode of transport with the greatest carbon footprint. We believe that these initiatives can also deliver tangible improvements to our business processes, productivity and return on investment.

How CPS is supporting sustainability in cash processing

To achieve our policy aims we will:

  • Ensure that we retain our ISO14001 environmental standard for our manufacturing facilities and work with manufacturing partners who reach this standard
  • Ensure that our main suppliers have proper environmental processes, policies and procedures
  • Aim to achieve ISO14001 environmental standard for our engineering and design facilities
  • Where possible use the most environmentally sustainable packaging and shipping methods
  • Refurbish or recycle used spare parts where possible
  • Offer to all our customers the service of disposing of obsolete equipment in accordance with e-Waste Management requirements (e.g. WEEE).
  • Aim to identify best environmental options to improve our environmental management in our other activities
  • Pursue a “Cloud First” server IT Policy which significantly reduces our server power consumption
  • Ensure environmental impact is considered when organising air travel and offset the carbon footprint of any flights which are deemed necessary.
  • Provide recycling facilities at every CPS location where we operate, and actively discourage the use of single-use unrecyclable plastics
  • Consider the environmental effects when changing business activities and business processes and when developing or introducing new products
  • Retain a network of trained EHS representatives across our business
  • Train and inform all employees of their individual and collective responsibilities contained in this policy and of ways in which they too can reduce their individual carbon footprint
  • Continue to develop and improve our systems of internal reporting to improve the quality of environmental data to track performance
  • Set management improvement objectives and targets to encourage continual improvement

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