Basingstoke UK, July 5th, 2022

Cash Processing Solutions Ltd (CPS), headquartered in Basingstoke UK, has agreed a multi year strategic agreement with Masterworks Automodules (MA), headquartered in Taipei Taiwan. The agreement will give CPS the ability to sell the full range of Desktop and Compact Desktop sorters from Masterwork, creating the world’s broadest range cash processing solutions provider.  CPS will be the first supplier in the market with the capability to deliver the full breadth of Banknote processing systems from High Speed Sorters through to Compact Desktop Systems.

With this agreement, CPS will be launching the jointly branded XM Range of desktop sorters to the market through its extensive network of local distributors and direct sales team.

 “This strategic partnership delivers on the synergies between our two companies, combining the manufacturing and engineering capability of Masterwork with the knowledge and reach of the CPS global sales and service organisation, but most importantly it provides a true “One stop shop” for all our customers cash processing needs. This agreement is the first step on an exciting journey for both our businesses and we look forward to expanding our collaboration in the future,” commented Barrie Foley – CEO Cash Processing Solutions

“As Masterworks looks to grows its business on a global level, it is necessary to find the right partners to work with. CPS is a well known and respected brand in global cash processing, they have a global sales service network and a solutions portfolio that complements the Masterworks range of products. The combination of these factors creates an exciting proposition for our collective customers and we look forward to seeing this develop in the future,” explained Julije Drasinover – CEO Masterwork Automodules

The XM Range™ – Desktop Sorting machines

The XM Range™ is a flexible range of next generation desktop sorter that enables you to allocate resources when and where it matters so you can sort cash efficiently and cost effectively. With high speed and capacity, proven reliability and low total cost of ownership, XM Range™ elevates the desktop sorter above the competition. The XM Range of sorters contains 6 different sorting machines from compact desktop counting and 1+1 sorting machines up to a multi pocket sorting machine. Find out more about the XM Range™ at

About CPS

CPS is an independent global provider of customer focused, end-to-end, data-driven cash management solutions, developing long-term partnerships with our customers to safeguard their reputation, optimise their efficiency and protect their investment.

CPS provides complete cash centre consultancy, data & software solutions and sorting machines, supported by a global service team, to central banks, commercial processors, casinos and retailers as well as single note inspection systems to banknote printworks, across the world.

Our global customer base is spread over 100 countries and this combined with more than 60 years in the industry, gives CPS the specialist knowledge of global cash cycle trends and currency management that is needed, to deliver tailored solutions to meet the objectives of its customers’. Learn more at

About MA

MA is an independent global provider of complete cash eco-systems supporting end-to-end solutions and implementing latest digitalization and automation processes with our custmers worldwide. Our solutions range from user friendly front office solutions including kiosks, automated cash payment, cash deposit or recycling systems to efficient back-office solutions including cash recyclers and heavy-duty sorters. Each interconnected with a state-of-the-art cloud solution.

MA designs, develops, manufactures, and maintains its own complete hardware and software cash cycle ecosystem.  We work with a wide range of selected authorized and certified distributors as well as Cash in Transit companies. Large number of partners use MA OEM advanced technology to enhance their own technology stack.  

With more than 20 years in the industry, MA has sold and maintained over 10 million systems which are managed by our integrated software cloud solution. Our open APIs make the integration and roll out the fastest agile deployment in the market. Customers see MA as the most reliable service partner using modern tracking tools and managed services.

Learn more at

Press Contact

Keith Williamson – Marketing Director