We have a responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of all stakeholders affected by our operations and keeping employees safe and secure when they are at work and travelling on business is a priority.

Our main manufacturing site is accredited to ISO 45001 standard for Occupational Health and Safety for their health and safety management systems.

During the year no CPS operation was prosecuted for infringing any health and safety laws or regulations.

The CPS Leadership Team receive confirmation that all sites comply with health, safety and environmental policies and any applicable legislation through external and internal audits on their management systems. Sites are measured against any corrective actions identified and these reports are used to develop effective continuous improvement programmes.

CPS works with its main suppliers and contractors to ensure their health and safety processes are robust. Our focus on machinery safety continues, with many improvements completed this year.

We have continued to invest in and improve our fire risk management with several sites upgrading their fire alarm and suppression systems.

With continuing organisational changes we have successfully maintained our positive safety culture and excellent internal reporting processes and continue to engage employees in our safety training programmes. We will continue to set robust health and safety objectives and targets and verify our compliance/good practice programmes through our internal audit programme.

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