Almost a year on since the first global lockdown, the COVID-19 pandemic still has a firm grip on many countries and businesses across the world.

Here at CPS, our priority is to ensure the safety of our staff, customers, business partners and suppliers.

Whilst there appears to be a light at the end of the tunnel as vaccination programmes roll out across the globe, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause significant disruption to the way many businesses operate.

To help provide transparency to our customers and stakeholders, here’s an update on how CPS is adapting and operating a year on from the first lockdown.

How we are keeping staff safe

In order to maintain the duty of care to our staff and ensure their safety, we are asking our staff to adhere to the following protocols:

  • Social distancing – This is still an essential part of our behaviour here at CPS. We are asking our employees to continuing adhering to social distancing guidelines. Employees must have a spare desk beside and directly opposite them. Our lines managers will manage desk assignment within their teams to ensure this condition is being met.

  • PPE & Hand Sanitising - At all our premises globally, we have implemented the required processes to minimise risk and have provided the required sanitizers and protective equipment where appropriate.

  • Meetings – Face to face meetings, with both internal and with clients, have been adapted to minimise the risk of cross contamination. We are using Microsoft Teams for meetings wherever possible, even if attendees are in the office together.

  • Communication – Our staff are in frequent contact with their managers to inform them when they plan to work in the office on a week-by-week basis, if work cannot be carried out from home.

    All of our staff and workers are aware, and regularly reminded, through local and corporate communications, of how best to avoid exposure to Covid-19, and what to do if they should display any symptoms.

  • COVID Committee – At CPS, we have introduced a COVID Committee to check the status of our employees around the world. Our COVID Committee report into our weekly board meetings so we issue the most up to date information to our staff and business partners.

  • Reducing third party visits - Third parties wishing to attend at any of our premises must fill in a risk assessment form to assess whether it is appropriate for them to visit.

How we are keeping operations running smoothly

With restrictions changing regularly in different countries, we are continuously monitoring the situation in all the regions where we operate.

To help keep operations running smoothly, we have taken the following actions:

  • Dedicated teams to comply with social distancing – We have implemented appropriate COVID related Business Continuity processes at all locations, including splitting critical on-site functions into “Red” and “White” teams to mitigate against cross-contamination.

  • Establishing remote work set ups– Business support systems and service support systems can be remotely accessed, and critical support staff can work from home if necessary.

    Every CPS location has updated and thoroughly tested their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure each region can continue to operate even if office closure is required.

  • Utilising our global network to keep operations running– Our service staff, support staff and spare parts are distributed throughout our global network ensuring against cross-contamination of staff or non-availability of any logistics location.

  • Identifying and preventing any potential supply chain issues – We continue to work closely with our supply chain to identify and mitigate any risks.

  • Making sure our IT services continue to be accessible remotely – All CPS employees have secure remote access to core IT services so that they can access any information which would be available to them in their office location. This applies to employees working from home, travelling, or in isolation.

    The IT team themselves are dispersed globally, multi-skilled and have appropriate access levels to cover other geographic regions if the need arises.

How we are supporting our customers

Despite the current situation the world finds itself in, it’s vitally important to keep business operating as normally as possible.

For CPS, that means continuing to provide industry-leading, bespoke cash management solutions to our loyal customers, and exiting the COVID pandemic in a strong and positive position.

Taking precautions to ensure that our staff are safe at work, and taking action to ensure our business operations continue to run smoothly, means that we can continue to provide services to our customers that safeguards their reputation, optimises their efficiency and protects their investment. All the while providing the necessary flexibility to our customers as they adapt to the impacts of COVID on their own businesses.

Offering cash management solutions during COVID-19

During the past 12 months of the pandemic, we have had to adapt our business operations to ensure that safety comes first.

However, that doesn’t mean we have compromised on offering an industry-leading service to our customers. Throughout the pandemic, we have continued to assist our global customer base in over 100 countries.

If your organization, would like to ask us any questions in relation to COVID or are interested in the services or solutions we provide get in touch with our expert team today.