MEA Cash Cycle Seminar 2019 Event Item

We are delighted to be sponsoring the MEA Cash Cycle Seminar taking place 11-14 February 2019 in Accra, Ghana.

This Seminar focuses on bringing together all the stakeholders in cash circulation to share perspectives, ideas, cost saving technologies, strategies, best practices and case studies.

The event is targeted at senior executives, managers, and other key decision makers involved in the processing, authentication, logistics, and regulation of large cash volumes for organisations including central banks, commercial banks, cash in transit companies and retailers.
During the Seminar, we will be giving a presentation and two breakout sessions as well as displaying our portfolio of cash management solutions at our exhibition booth.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with us during this Seminar, please contact

For further information on this event, please visit the MEA Cash Cycle Seminar website

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