Efficient Processing

Efficient Processing Methodologies

Integrating efficient processing methodologies such as ACDP revolutionises your processing capacity enabling you to meet your customers’ current and future processing needs more quickly, easily and economically. This dramatically reduces the cost of processing each banknote, giving you a significant competitive advantage.

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With ACDP, banknotes are handled and processed only once, reducing the cost of processing each banknote.

ACDP enables you to process multiple customer deposits continuously in a single pass, without stops for batch balancing and reports. This maximises uptime of the machine and reduces processing time. Header and trailer cards are used to separate and identify each deposit and enable instant crediting back to your customer.

ACDP offers limitless options for combining several processes, such as fitness sorting, orientating and spreading mixed denominations into a single pass process.

ACDP enables you to:

  • Process high and low-volume customer deposits in the same pass.
  • Reconcile deposits continuously while processing.
  • Process multi-denomination currency.
  • Accept mixed media deposits such as coupons and vouchers in any orientation.
  • Offer automated prime count facilities to retail customers.
  • Reduce manual handling of banknotes, increasing security and efficiency

QDP™ takes the ACDP process one step further. QDP™ automates the removal of all header cards and trailer cards with no associated rejects. By doing this the volume of banknotes sent to the reconciliation team is significantly reduced, driving further savings in the overall process and streamlining the operation.

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Whether you are looking to upgrade existing equipment, expand your capacity, increase efficiency, integrate software, automate processes or build a brand-new cash centre from the ground up, our team will work with you every step of the way.

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Data Solutions
Data Solutions

We believe your data belongs to you, and the open architecture of our hardware and software solutions gives you direct access to your data, without having to come through us.

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ECM™ is the market-leading integrated cash supply chain platform, enabling the strict application of internal processes and providing security, control and visibility of new and used note inventory.

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Our BI™ platform positively influences performance and provides management with detailed data of the entire operation in-real-time.

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The latest sorter from CPS, the 7000i™ is an intelligent, intuitive and innovative solution providing secure, efficient and cost-effective high-speed, high-volume banknote processing.

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7000i QC
7000i™ QC

7000i™ QC is a unique concept which enables central banks to sort used banknotes and quality control (QC) new banknotes prior to issue, on one high-speed sorting machine.

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Through its advanced detector technology, proven banknote handling capability and open architecture, the Cobra® sorter provides high levels of detection accuracy, operational security and productivity, day-in, day-out.

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X Range™
X Range™

The X Range™ is a fully scalable solution with a range of six pocket configurations, ideally suited to commercial banks, bank branches, small central banks and cash centres where maximising operating efficiencies and maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and security are vital.

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For added efficiency and security, SmartPack™ provides a fully automated, closed-loop system for the collection, transportation, labelling and shrink-wrapping of packs of up to 1,000 banknotes.

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SmartShred™ provides total security and confidence in secure banknote destruction and includes bespoke end-to-end destruction, air conveying and collection systems.

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Our range of tailored service and support options are designed to optimise machine performance, machine availability and efficiency. Our team of over 300 service engineers located around the world, make up our Global Knowledge Network, implementing best-practice and identifying opportunities for system advancement and value add process improvements.

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