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Central Banks

As the industry’s only independent global provider of customer focused, end-to-end, data-driven cash management solutions, CPS is solely focused on developing the latest solutions in cash processing, integrating hardware, software and service together to create solutions that meet our customers’ individual needs.

Central Banks
Our Philosophy

At CPS, we develop long-term partnerships with our customers so that we get to know you inside out, to truly understand your issues, priorities and needs in order to design and deliver the right solutions for you.


Our end-to-end solutions enable central banks to manage the authenticity, fitness and supply of cash through its lifecycle from production to destruction, as well as optimise banknote design and forecast demand.

Specifically, our solutions enable central banks to:
Enabling Central Banks

Safeguard your reputation through cost-effective innovative solutions focused around security and efficiency, maintaining the fitness and authenticity of banknotes in circulation.


Enabling Central Banks

Collect per-note data using serial number reading (OCR) and turn data into information enabling you to manage cash in circulation, meet and forecast demand and optimise future banknote design.


Enabling Central Banks

Increase control and visibility of your cash through our market-leading cash supply chain platform ECM™.


Enabling Central Banks Track cash inventory in real-time and create secure audit trails within one cash centre or across multiple sites through our market-leading cash supply chain platform ECM™ and superior OCR technology.


Enabling Central Banks Independently check the quality of every banknote before it enters circulation with 7000i™ QC.


Enabling Central Banks Authenticate, classify and fitness sort banknotes efficiently at the highest levels of accuracy and repeatability.


Enabling Central Banks Ensure the fitness of every banknote in circulation through central bank auditing of the commercial sector.


Enabling Central Banks Remove counterfeits from circulation and track them back to source by tracking the movement of every banknote across the cash cycle.


Enabling Central Banks Securely destroy and remove unfit banknotes from circulation through our integrated on-line destruction solutions.


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  • Efficiency
  • Service
Cash Centre Consultancy

Whether you are looking to upgrade existing equipment, expand your capacity, increase efficiency, integrate software, automate processes or build a brand-new cash centre from the ground up, our team will work with you every step of the way.

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Data Solutions
Data Solutions

Our independence from any banknote printer allows us to give you unbiased data analysis on your banknote performance and cash cycle optimisation. We believe your data belongs to you, and the open architecture of our hardware and software solutions gives you direct access to your data, without having to come through us.

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ECM™ safeguards the reputation of central banks by providing an integrated cash supply chain platform, enabling the strict application of internal processes, monitoring commercial sector adherence to policy and providing security, control and visibility of new and used note inventory.

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The latest sorter from CPS, the 7000i™ is an intelligent, intuitive and innovative solution providing secure, efficient and cost-effective high-speed, high-volume banknote processing.

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7000i QC
7000i™ QC

7000i™ QC is a unique concept which enables central banks to sort used banknotes and quality control (QC) new banknotes prior to issue, on one high-speed sorting machine.

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Through its advanced detector technology, proven banknote handling capability and open architecture, the Cobra® sorter provides high levels of detection accuracy, operational security and productivity, day-in, day-out.

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For added efficiency and security, SmartPack™ provides a fully automated, closed-loop system for the collection, transportation, labelling and shrink-wrapping of packs of up to 1,000 banknotes.

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SmartShred™ provides total security and confidence in secure banknote destruction and includes bespoke end-to-end destruction, conveying and collection systems.

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Efficient processing methodologies

Automated Commercial Deposit Processing (ACDP) enables the processing of multiple customer deposits continuously in one pass. This is complemented by Quick Deposit Processing (QDP™) which increases productivity by speeding up the reconciliation process.

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Our range of tailored service and support options are designed to optimise machine performance, machine availability and efficiency. Our team of over 300 service engineers located around the world, make up our Global Knowledge Network, implementing best-practice and identifying opportunities for system advancement and value add process improvements.

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