Developed by CPS to meet the needs of banknote printing works, the 9000™ single note inspection system will ensure your banknotes meet the defined quality standard.

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The 9000™ employs state-of-the-art camera and sensor systems to inspect every banknote at the highest level of detail. The Banknote Quality Inspection System, BQIS™, examines quality in every element of the banknote and at every level of feature recognition to detect any banknote that doesn’t meet the defined specification.


At a speed of 2,400 banknotes per minute, the 9000™ processes banknotes according to the inspection decision. Banknotes that meet the defined quality standard are strapped into packets and optionally bundled, labelled and wrapped. Banknotes that have failed to meet the inspection criteria are securely destroyed by the fully-integrated on-line shredder or stacked for review and off-line destruction.


Throughout the process, inbuilt security systems guard your banknotes. The exact progress and location of every banknote are logged in real time by the Banknote Management Information System, BMIS™, allowing you to pinpoint the batch, bundle and even packet that a banknote can be found in. The system’s powerful and flexible search functionality allows users to query this information by any variable, while its report generation capability ensures that key metrics are communicated quickly, clearly and accessibly.


Key Benefits
Open secure architecture giving the user full access and control of the system. Includes defining pocket types and inspection parameters for both print quality and authentication of security features.
User interface provides graphically-illustrated task guidance and comprehensive diagnostic screens, increasing operator productivity and system availability.
Modular design of the 9000™ creates a fully configurable and customisable solution that will integrate seamlessly into your production environment.
Robust system design ensures complete accounting integrity, access control and regulatory compliance.
Leading-edge sensor design helps to ensure the correct sorting decisions are made on each banknote, improving overall operating efficiency.
Advanced transport design improves the presentation and handling of banknotes. Inertial corners hold every banknote in a known and fixed position ensuring highly repeatable inspection decisions at the maximum transport speeds.
Multiple service options include remote diagnostics. Major components can be repaired and calibrated on-site, significantly reducing cost of ownership and increasing machine availability.
An advanced user interface makes the 9000™ easy to operate and service, maximising machine availability and productivity.
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SmartShred™ provides total security and confidence in secure banknote destruction. For banknote printers this includes an on-line shredder integrated into the 9000™ as well as off-line sheet shredding.

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Our range of tailored service and support options are designed to optimise machine performance, machine availability and efficiency. Our team of over 300 service engineers located around the world, make up our Global Knowledge Network, implementing best-practice and identifying opportunities for system advancement and value add process improvements.

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